File sharing in the cloud

With Cocoon you can safely share (large) media files in the cloud with colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

Sharing files via email

The Forwarding module makes it possible to share media files via a link in an email. So you do not need to send large files as attachments in an email, but you only have to send a link to the files you want to share. Select one or more files, enter an email address and the files will be compressed into a ZIP file and will be prepared for the receiver. It is safer than WeTransfer and faster because you directly share files from Cocoon.

Sharing files via Cocoon

You can also choose to share your media files via Cocoon. In this way, they will always remain within your own cloud and they will not be used unauthorized. You can easily give a user (temporary) access to a specific set of files. The user can then log into your Cocoon environment and choose which files and formats he wants to download and use.

Cocoon modules

Cocoon has many features. Maybe you will not need all the available features. So decide which modules you want to activate.

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