Import many files in the cloud

If you are just starting to use media management software then you are probably busy for a while to collect all your marketing material and corporate documents. Cocoon gives you a flying start! Find out how you can save a lot of time.

Batch import media archive

To make a flying start with Cocoon, we will help you organise the first import of your existing marketing archive. Whether your files are located on an internal server, a hard disk or DVD, we can import all files at once, even including Tags (keywords), and a new or existing folder structure.

Do you want your files to be imported by Cocoon? Please contact the support department.

Limit import files by yourself

You can always upload your own files to Cocoon. However, if you want to import a large amount of files at the same time, there is a limit to the number and size of files. You can upload up to 50 files at a time with a maximum size of 256 MB per file.

Cocoon modules

Cocoon has many features. Maybe you will not need all the available features. So decide which modules you want to activate.

Do you want a personal Cocoon?

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