The Visual Content Platform Company

COCOON – The Visual Content DAM for Brands

COCOON is a visual content platform company. We’re a tech company built by modern marketers for modern marketers. COCOON makes your brand consistent, relevant and authentic with visual content.

We redefine the DAM category by focusing on visual content, because for modern marketers, a static image bank is simply not enough. At COCOON, we fill the gap between old-fashioned image banks (a static repository for house style, logos, visuals, videos, and advertising) and over-engineered and expensive corporate DAM solutions (focusing on complex upstream and downstream workflows). We see a third way right in the middle: a mid-market solution that’s simple in its set-up and has a focus on dynamic, high-volume visual content – because that’s essential for brands that don’t just want to be consistent, but relevant and authentic as well.

Today’s marketers feel challenged, frustrated, and discouraged that they can’t make deep emotional connections with their customer base. At COCOON, we’re providing a visual content platform that enables marketers to make an emotional connection between their brand and their customer base, leveraging the power of consistent, relevant and authentic brand content assets.

 Our ‘Cocooners’

  • Remco Vriesema
    Remco Vriesema CEO
  • Gert-Jan Dekker
    Gert-Jan Dekker VP Sales & Partnerships
  • Niek van Gulik
    Niek van Gulik Marketeer

Part of Just Internet Group

Cocoon Software Technology BV is part of Just Internet Group. A collaboration between several companies that represent their own discipline in the field of online media. The team of more than 35 employees consists of specialists in the fields of strategy, design, development, e-commerce, email marketing automation and hosting services. All business units work closely together to achieve optimal results for our clients.


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