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Cocoon Media Management

Cocoon is media management software for marketing and communication professionals. With Cocoon you can store and share media files safely in the cloud. Images, videos, marketing material and corporate documents are located in one central location. The SaaS application allows you to access your files through a browser, anytime, anywhere. It is easy to find files and to share them with colleagues, partners and clients. Organise your marketing archive with Cocoon and save valuable time.

Store and share files in the cloud

By using the drag and drop function you can easily upload one or more files in the media management application. You share files via e-mail without extracting them from your own secure cloud. You can upload and download files in various file formats that you can configure by yourself.

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Control your media files

Cocoon is the central place for all your corporate documents and marketing materials. By archiving files into sets and by linking tags you can find your files quickly. Through the user management you keep control on the access and location of your media files. Convenient features such as an approval module and a statistical overview help you to keep your media archive organized.

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Quick start thanks to SaaS

Cocoon is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solution. This makes it possible to set up a media management environment quickly and easily. The application runs online, so you can get started in a few days. You don’t need to purchase any hardware or software and updates are automatically installed. SaaS solutions are easy to customize, flexible and secure. In addition, through a browser, you have access to your own Cocoon anywhere.

Cocoon modules

Cocoon has many features. Maybe you will not need all the available features. So decide which modules you want to activate.

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File sharing is simple and save us a lot of time. Cocoon is a good tool that makes our lives as marketers easier.

Marketing manager


Great tool Cocoon! I should have discovered this two years earlier, it would have saved me a lot of time for content management.

Marketing manager

Hamsphire Hotels