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Next level Content Marketing

Cocoon is plug & play Digital Asset Management software for marketing and communication professionals. Manage your precious media files in a central location in the cloud and keep control over your brand identity.

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Media files at a single location

As a marketing and communications professional you need smart tools to manage all your content for different channels. With the Cocoon media management software you put all your media in one central location in the cloud. You and your colleagues have access to the latest corporate documents and marketing materials, anytime, anywhere.

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organiseer en beheer al je mediabestanden veilig vanuit 1 locatie

Smart and secure sharing of media files

You would like to store your precious photos and marketing materials in a secure area on Dutch servers. You decide what rights you give to colleagues, clients and other stakeholders (temporarily) for a specific selection of files. Easy sharing of large files without losing control of your corporate and brand identity.

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Brand management

Maintain a consistent brand identity by using Cocoon. Keep control over your brand and determine which marketing materials and corporate documents are uploaded to the cloud and which users have access to specific media files.

Bevorder consistent gebruik van al je communicatie middelen

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